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ASIS Tender Boat, designed for yacht owners, providing maximum safety, stability and enjoyment on inland or coastal waters.


Tender Boats


Whatever water activities you enjoy an ASIS Yacht ASIS Yacht Tender Boat will meet all your boating needs including Safety, Stability, Durability, Flexibility while delivering  Quality  and performance expected of an inflatable Tender Boat designed for years of trouble free usage.


Investing in and choosing the right Tender Boat for your needs is not a costly exercise if consideration is given to all the requirements before making an extensive outlay of money for options which may not be required and never used. By the same token understanding Yacht Tenders will ensure that your investment has all that is required and designed into your boat from the very beginning, saving on costly upgrades or retrofitting of items necessary for your boat.



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An ASIS Tender Boat is a renowned winner among owners of luxury yachts both for ship to shore usage as well as for recreational use while at sea.


A Tender Boat is ideal for Yachting and is handled with ease both on and off shore, making fishing while at sea or a lake a pleasure.
Tender Boats are easy to bring along, easy to store, and allows boating with ease in any places and at any time. Whenever you want to go on water, simply inflate the air tube and you are ready to go, this flexibility means that boaters can access launch sites that trailers are unable to access.


For recreational purposes an ASIS Tender Boat provides plenty of space for fishing, camping or simply having fun on the water. The lightweight nature of an ASIS Tender Boat is excellent, if you need to pull your boat up on the sea shore, a lake or from a river; it is easily done by one person or two at the most.


Tender Boats are not just for fun, a Tender Boat is a very important and useful safety consideration helping people when in distress and danger rescuing people from the sea, on rivers or even lakes during flooding. Configuring your Tender Boat correctly allows it to be used either as a safety back-up or for pleasure and recreational purposes.


Tender Boats have an important function on larger ships as they are used as a small boat to economically carry passengers or goods speedily to and from nearby shorelines. A Tender Boat is often used to carry tour passengers from the jetty to the main ship which may be too large to enter a harbour.

Ensuring the safety of passengers and goods is the responsibility of the tour operator, and it is for this reason that when considering a Tender Boat that lives and goods are seriously considered by tour operators and their insurers, so choosing the Tender Boat that meets all safety requirements will result in lower insurance costs to cover fare paying passengers and goods.


Once all the considerations for owning an inflatable boat have been weighed up it is easy to provide the input that will result in the boat of your dreams being put together for your precise application, this is when owning an inflatable boat is one of the most exciting possessions for leisure activities on water.

Selection criteria for buying a Tender Boat


First time boat buyers, are recommended to purchase from a reputable manufacturer or his authorized distributor and to this end ASIS RECREATIONAL BOATS are available to advise you regarding your specific needs.


ASIS Tender Boat range rewrites the performance criteria of small rigid inflatable boating. The superior buoyant hull and tube design ensure that the ASIS Tender family of boats has superior loading capacity due to the large beam and tubes. Each boat gives a ride dry utilizing a spray deflection tube design manufactured using first class quality materials thus enabling the owner to utilize larger outboard propulsion than would normally be used on a boat of this nature.


ASIS Tender Boat ranges start at 2.8m in length and 3.1m and 3.5m, the larger models for the same family.


How to locate your Tender Boat.


Found the boat that you desire?


For recreational purposes you will find both a wide range and the specific ASIS Tender Boat that meets your individual requirements, you will find that it is certainly worth the time invested to make the most cost effective decision from the fantastic range available from ASIS RECREATIONAL BOATS.


Once you have chosen your boat, you will then be able to choose from a range of optional extras to meet the specific application for which you intend to use the boat.

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