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Sports Cruiser Boats, manufactured by marine professionals, providing a Rigid Inflatable Boat, for recreational use to ensure safety, speed and easy handling.

Sports Cruiser Boats are built safe, strong and reliable, designed deep V-hull to give the best performance and handling in the roughest waters, catch me if you can is not an idle statement. The performances of well designed Sports Cruiser Boats are the envy of all who travel the sea seeking to compete with other Sports Cruiser Boats on the water. 

Well designed Sports Cruiser Boats provide a dry ride to both you and your passengers due to the fact that the concave chines throws the spray out at a low angle giving you clear vision of the sea ahead.

Sports Cruiser Boats offer total versatility and are individually designed and manufactured to meet your needs and requirements. With large on-deck and under-deck storage Sports Cruiser Boats allows you total freedom for the arrangement of your equipment according to their use.

Sports Cruiser Boats range in size from 4.1m to 12m . With over 50 plug-in accessories to choose from in the OPEN CRUISING range, provision is made for the experienced multi functional user who desire hassle free dedicated functions. Individual customization allows for the perfect set-up for your application. Sports Cruiser Boats are built safe, strong and reliable.

Once you choose the size of your boat, you will have a recommended list of accessories available to customize your open for diving, fishing, water-skiing or any other use you may desire.


Overall Length

 Fuel Capacity (Ltr)

Max. Payload (with full fuel)

Recommended Power

Technical Specs.


4185 mm

P 60

  760 Kg

 30 Hp


OPEN 5.1

5170 mm

 90 L

1,020 Kg

 40 Hp


OPEN 5.5

5370 mm

 90 L

1,100 Kg

 50 Hp


OPEN 6.5

6430 mm

150 L

1,700 Kg

 90 Hp


OPEN 7.2

7060 mm

225 L

1,870 Kg

115 Hp


OPEN 8.0

7800 mm

225 L

2,600 Kg

150 Hp


OPEN 9.5

9500 mm

225 L

2,950 Kg

250 Hp


OPEN 12  11900mm    225 L  3,720 Kg        300 Hp    View

STL 8.0

7800 mm 

500 L

2,700 Kg

 500 Hp 


P - Portable Fuel Tank

The range of optional extras is endless as can be seen from the limited list below;

  • Custom Color Fiber Glass
  • Custom Color Hypalon
  • Tube Material Spec- 1670 Dtex
  • Double Layer Hypalon
  • Extra Fender Line
  • Internal Safety Rope Grab Line
  • Hypalon Strip Between Fender
  • Hypalon Rectangular Patches
  • Hypalon Branding and Numbering
  • Extra Moulded Handle
  • Jockey Seat Console
  • Mamba Console
  • Ballistic Single Console
  • Ballistic Double Console
  • Single Futura Console
  • Double Futura Console
  • Double Lux Console
  • S.S. Connector for A Frame (4 No)
  • S.S. Leaning Post Single
  • S.S. Leaning Post with Back Rest Single
  • S.S. Leaning Post Double
  • S.S. Leaning Post with Back Rest Double
  • Jockey Straddle Seat
  • Jockey Straddle Seat with Side Handles
  • Jockey Straddle Seat with Top Handles
  • S.S. Front Rail for Straddle Seat
  • Pilot Seat (Elite Style)
  • Single Bucket Seat with S.S. Grab Rails
  • Double Bucket Seat with S.S. Grab Rails
  • Ullman Seat
  • Double Back Seat with Swivel Back Rest
  • Triple Back Seat with Swivel Back Rest
  • S.S. Back Seat
  • S.S. Engine Support Plate
  • Sunbed
  • S.S. T Top Single
  • S.S. T Top Double
  • S.S. Foldable T Top
  • Bimini Top
  • S.S. Bow Rider Rails
  • S.S. Dive Bottle Rack ( for 6 Bottles)
  • Downgrade/ Upgrade Fuel Capacity
  • S.S. Tube Ladder
  • S.S. Transom Ladder
  • S.S. Ladder with Platform
  • S.S. Anchor with S.S. 316 Chain
  • S.S. Anchor Rope 30 Mtr
  • S.S. Heavy Duty Lifting Points (2 No on Front & 2 No. on Back)
  • Bow Step with Anchor Guide and 2 S.S. Cleats
  • Windless Clipper with S.S. Chain & Anchor
  • Fire Extinguisher Compartment
  • Boat Cover
  • Anti-fouling Hull
  • GPS
  • VHF Radio
  • Fishfinder
  • CD-Radio with Speakers
  • Search Lights
  • Boat Light
  • Power Socket 12V
  • Off-Shore Compass
  • Life Jackets
  • Life Ring
  • Shower Kit and Water Tank (60L)
  • Trailer with Single Axis and Spare Wheel
  • Trailer with Double Axis and Spare Wheel
  • Export Packaging
  • S.S. Foldable A Frame
  • S.S. A Frame with Ladder
  • S.S. Skiing Pole
  • S.S. Tow Post
  • S.S. Bollard
  • S.S. Keel Guard
  • S.S. Engine Guard Rail
  •  S.S. Foldable Back Seat 
  • S.S. A Frame 

Where to buy Sports Cruiser Boats!

Found the Sports Cruiser Boats that you want?

For Sports Cruiser Boats a craft to meet your needs please feel free to visit the ASIS Recreational Boats site it will enable you to clearly understand the steps involved in the custom design process. This provider of Sports Cruiser Boats is much more than a boat manufacturer and is keen to show you what it is that will put your boat in a league ahead of the rest.

Once you have chosen your Inflatable Tender, you will then be able to choose from a range of optional extras to customise the boat to your requirements.



Sports Cruiser Boats

Sports Cruiser Boats 

Sports Cruiser Boats

Sports Cruiser Boats

Sports Cruiser Boats

Sports Cruiser Boats

Sports Cruiser Boats