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Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats, designed for maximum safety, stability and enjoyment on inland or coastal waters.


       Rigid Hull Inflatable BoatsRigid Hull Inflatable BoatsRigid Hull Inflatable Boats

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats were designed as an all-purpose boat ensuring maximum safety and stability using quality materials and time tested old fashioned hand made workmanship ensuring top performance delivery and years of trouble free Recreational use.

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats are safe, portable, reliable and lightweight and run at high speeds.


The rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RIB), as the name implies, has a rigid fibreglass hull mated to an inflatable collar.
Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats combine the buoyancy and stability used by manufacturers of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats to deliver excellent handling characteristics of a conventional boat.


Seating layouts and other features that you would normally find in larger conventional fibreglass vessels are available and compare with those found in even larger versions of other boats that have console configurations.
When looking for Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats you are assured of best performance and handling along with versatility, stability and passenger safety as well as comfort.
Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats provide great recreational activity on the sea or in land waters that creates happy memories for you, your family and friends that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Buying Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats is a great investment, there is truly nothing like being out on the water during your leisure hours, however, don't just run out and buy one as it could be a costly mistake, if you have not clearly thought through the important factors you should consider to ensure that you invest in the boat that is just right for you.


Selection criteria for buying Rigid Inflatable Boats.


First time boat buyers, are recommended to purchase from a reputable manufacturer or his authorized distributor and to this end ASIS RECREATIONAL BOATS are available to advise you on your specifics needs.

You will find a large range of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats for fishing, snorkeling, deep sea underwater diving, wakeboarding, water skiing or just a leisurely cruise at sea on or inland waters.


If you are looking for style and sleek good looks as well as safety and performance then the ELITE range would be suitable for your needs and it can be fitted with the optional extras that will accommodate the sports you wish to engage in on the water. For speed and performance you will be happy with your choice of the high-performance Elite.



For a more relaxing time on the water a fully integrated Cabin with two 6’ Bunks providing under bed storage lockers, then the ASIS CABIN RIB with these features is the best choice.

Should you spend most of your time on a yacht then a selecting ASIS YACHT TENDER which has stunning performance even from the smallest Rigid inflatable boat range, out performing its competitors against the criteria set for a small rigid inflatable?
All yacht tenders are designed to give you high speed while maintaining manoeuvrability with excellent handling. This range of inflatable boat is recommended as it is very forgiving to the novice and highly responsive to expert boaters.

Locating the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats of your choice

ASIS RIB FactoryFound the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats that you desire?


For recreational purposes you will find both a wide range and the specific ASIS RECREATIONAL BOAT to meet your requirements, it is certainly worth the time invested to make the most cost effective decision selecting from the comprehensive range available.

Once you have chosen your boat, you will then be to choose from a range of option extras to customise the boat to your needs.


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