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Rib Boat, designed for maximum enjoyment, safety, and stability at sea or on inland waters.

RIB Boat Elite 8.0m Amphibious RIB  Open Cruising RIB Inflatable Tender RIB Boat

The RIB Boat is designed as an all-purpose Rigid Inflatables that will ensure maximum safety and stability using quality materials and time tested old fashioned hand made workmanship ensuring a top performance delivery of Rib Boat with years of trouble free operation despite, the workload.

Rib Boat provides, safety a comfortable, and reliable ride with high load carrying capacities; highly manoeuvrable even when operating at high speeds.

The Rib Boat (RIB), as the name implies, has a rigid fibreglass hull mated to an inflatable collar.

Rib Boat combine the buoyancy and stability required in the manufacture of  Rib Boat which deliver superior handling characteristics and buoyancy to those generally found in conventional boats.

The Rib Boat  offers seating layouts and other features that are normally only found in larger conventional vessels, these are available in  Rigid Inflatables and compare favourably with those found in even larger versions of other boats that also have console configurations.

When looking for  Rib Boat you are assured of the best performance and handling along with versatility, stability and passenger safety while providing optimum comfort found only in ASIS Boats.

Rib Boat offers you “no failure” application zones ensuring reliability and consistency which are essential to your continuous reliable operation whether the  boat is used close to the coast or in remote inland waters where access to repairs are not available.

Buying Rigid Inflatables are  big investment that should only be taken after considering every aspect required to meet your recreational requirements. You will prevent unnecessary upgrades if you have clearly thought through the most important factors before investing in the Rib Boat that meet you needs.

Selection criteria for buying Rib Boat.

Buying Rib Boat for the first time?, it is recommended that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer or his authorised distributor and to this end ASIS RECREATIONAL BOATS are available to advise you on your specific needs.

Rigid Inflatables play a major role in a wide range of recreational and water sports activities on inland and coastal waters. And are also known for the dry ride achieved through the use of a Reverse Chine V shaped Hull.

The uses of Rigid Inflatables will vary considerably and includes activities such as Deep Sea Diving, Spear Fishing, Fishing, Water Skiing, and Cruising or simply relaxing at sea with a boat designed and manufactured to have you fully equipped to pursue your chosen activities in safety and comfort.

Yacht Tenders are also available for the yachtsman who wishes to get to nearby shorelines for a visit or pleasure cruises all have a preference for Rigid Inflatables..

For enjoyment at sea an ASIS Rib Boat will provide greater stability in storms and rough waters, and is highly recommended and approved for all your water sports needs giving you security and peace of mind while enjoying the recreational activities of your choice.

For transferring and carrying passengers or goods from your yacht to shore, a Rigid Inflatable is well suited for the task and you will find a ASIS RIGID INFLATABLES to be best suited to your recreational activities providing you, your family and guests a dry safe ride, ensuring the protection of passengers or goods.

Where to locate the Rib Boat to suit your requirements.

Rigid Inflatable

Found the boat that you desire?

For recreational purposes you will find both a wide range and the specific Rib Boat to meet your individual requirements, it is certainly worth the time invested to make the most cost effective decision from the comprehensive range available.

Once you have chosen your boat, you will then be able to choose from a range of optional extras to meet the specific application for which you intend to use the boat.

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