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RACE BOAT, a powerful custom designed RIB, specifically for Racing                  


Race Boat conjures up many thoughts in the mind of the hearer depending on their point of reference; the first thought that comes to mind could be the annual Oxford Cambridge Race Boat, closely followed by members of those Universities on the day with worldwide TV coverage for all to observe the Race Boat activities and results.

Rigid Inflatable Boats have established themselves as a global phenomenon in power boating circles for Race Boat and it is this craft that we have n mind when discussing the subject of Race Boat.

Their “No Land, No Limit” credo has earned these crafts the reputation of being the '4x4s' of the sea, a Race Boat designed to race anywhere in any weather and on treacherous waters.

Race Boat is not limited to specific water source as the, craft are trailer able and the preferred choice amongst Race Boat enthusiasts and private boaters all around the world. They are not only used as  Race Boat but also as lifeboats, patrol craft, standby vessels, expeditionary craft, cruising vessels, adventure craft, and super-yacht tenders.

Race Boat is perfected when the manufacturer provides you with the perfect Race Boat craft that offers you the effect of flying through the air on the very top of the water at speeds which you will find most exiting but unbelievably fast. It is the tunnel shape of the hull that delivers this extraordinarily breathtaking flying effect while in a Race Boat that lands as gently as it glides out of the water. 

One would think that fuel consumption would be high with such speed and performance but the special design of such a craft actually minimizes fuel consumption as well as the landings that it takes from time to time back onto the water surface due to the increased stability of the craft in both straight and spiral pathways.

RACE BOAT, preparations.

Race Boat- XTM 4.2The first thing to look for when considering a racing boat is a boat that will provide you with the driest ride possible, it is pointless having  the fastest boat on the water if you are going to be drenched and unable to see where you are going. Reverse chines are one of the best methods to dry boating and clear vision from your boat on race day.

Pre-viewing and scouting is a very important requirement for the competitors, the pilot and navigator will have to do this before the race event. It is an essential requirement and just like all of the other safety gear it is mandatory for each team to pre-view or scout the race course. It provides the team with insight to dangers.

The insight gained will also enable the pilot and navigator to plot out the fastest route and highlight hazards to be avoided and can be waiting around each and every corner. Racers usually do this a day ahead of the race weekend on a Friday afternoon. Teams do this in a pre-view boat and make several runs on the course to prepare for the grueling race ahead.

Where to buy a Race Boat !

Race Bota- XTM 4.2

Found the boat that you desire?

For Boat Racing and a craft to meet your needs please feel free to visit the Racing Boat  that will enable you to clearly understand the steps involved in the custom design process. This Race Boat craft provider is much more than a boat manufacturer and is keen to find show you what it is that will put your racing boat in the lead ahead of the rest.

Once you have chosen the Race Boat of your dreams, you will then be able to choose from a range of optional extras to customise the boat to your requirements.

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