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Open Cruising Boats 

The ASIS Open Cruising line of boats is built safe, strong and reliable. It’s designed deep V-hull gives you the best performance and handling in the roughest waters.

The spray of the concave chines is thrown out at a low angle giving you a dry ride and keeping your passengers and yourself comfortable.

The OPEN range offers total versatility and is individually designed and manufactured to meet your needs and requirements. With its large on-deck and under-deck storage the Open boat allows you total freedom for the arrangement of your equipments according to their use.

The OPEN CRUISING range in size from 4.1m to 12m . With over 50 plug-in accessories to choose from in the OPEN CRUISING range, we cater for the experienced multi functional user who desire hassle free dedicated function. The ASIS individual customization allows for the perfect set-up for your application. The OPEN CRUISING boats are built safe, strong and reliable.

Once you choose the size of your boat, you will have the recommended list of accessories available to customize your open for diving, fishing, water-skiing or any other use you may desire.


Overall Length

 Fuel Capacity (Ltr)

Max. Payload (with full fuel)

Recommended Power

Technical Specs.

OPEN 4.1

4185 mm

P 60

  760 Kg

 30 Hp


OPEN 5.1

5170 mm

 90 L

1,020 Kg

 40 Hp


OPEN 5.5

5370 mm

 90 L

1,100 Kg

 50 Hp


OPEN 6.5

6430 mm

150 L

1,700 Kg

 90 Hp


OPEN 7.2

7060 mm

225 L

1,870 Kg

115 Hp


OPEN 8.0

7800 mm

225 L

2,600 Kg

150 Hp


OPEN 9.5

9500 mm

225 L

2,950 Kg

250 Hp


   OPEN 12  11900mm       225 L     3,720 Kg        300 Hp    View

STL 8.0

7800 mm 

500 L

2,700 Kg

 500 Hp 


P - Portable Fuel Tank



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