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   ASIS RHIB Factory

The ASIS new production facility is based in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE and is owned by an Industrial conglomerate with over 45 years of manufacturing experience in fiber-Glass and other Composites. The ASIS factory spans over 4,000 square meters under roof and a further 6,000 square meters is available outdoors for a total 10,000 sqm. The factory has dedicated manufacturing areas with specialized areas such as an air conditioned tube building area, electronically air controlled grinding and bonding areas, dedicated rigging, storage, upholstery, engineering and assembly areas. The highly trained ASIS team members are all specifically chosen because of their outstanding individual qualifications. With prior scheduling, we would be happy to provide our cusomers with a guided tour of our facilities.

Manufacturing Team

Almost all components are manufactured in-house at ASIS. The ASIS manufacturing team comprises three main manufacturing departments, these being COMPOSITE, ASSEMBLY and FINAL WORKS. The Composite department will deal with the manufacture of all Composite manufacture including Glass-fiber production, preparation and assembly thereof. The Assembly department includes sub assembly teams manufacturing tubes, stainless steel upholstery, engineering and boat assembly. Final Works department include final electrical installations, rigging, packing and shipping.


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